How to Win Friends and Influence People

One of the most common problems we often face is the ability to win friends and how you can make friends. These are one of the most common problems that we still face and Dale Carnegie’s book, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People might change your life. 

Published in 1936 and sold over 30 Million Copies, this book is one of the all-time greats by Dale Carnegie. His idea of making people like you is still valid even after 75 years. 

Carnegie said, “Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face.” This book is also the foundation. We often question ourselves about what other people might be thinking about us or how can I be a more likeable person. This book teaches one of the most important principles for dealing with these problems.

This book consists of four main parts:

  • Essentials of Engagement

This part focuses on the essentials of engaging with your peers and how to connect with them in a profound manner.

  • Six Ways to Make a Lasting Impression

Carnegie tells exciting six ways to make a good impression which seems pretty common but has a lasting impression on others. Taking an interest in others’ interests can make people invested in you right away. A  smile really does go a long way. Names play a vital role in addressing people, and it shows you have a certain respect for them. Listening longer to someone can create a beautiful connection between you and them. By discussing what matters to them you are making them the priority and they will make sure to do the same to you. Steve Scanlon used a phrase in one of his blogs that read, ‘small-picture thinking’ which is the foundation of leaving others a little better. Doing something for someone by going out of your way can have a lasting impression on them.

  • How to Merit and Maintain Other’s Trust

The most difficult problem that we face is gaining someone’s trust. Carnegie tells us several principles on how you can gain others’ trust and also maintain it. Doing simple things like avoiding arguments, never telling people they’re wrong, admitting faults quickly, being friendly or sharing your side of the story can have a life-changing impact on you.

  • How to Lead Change Without Resistance or Resentment

Last but definitely not the least part tells you about the importance of leading change without being resistant. Beginning on a positive note by acknowledging your baggage or by calling mistakes quietly and asking questions instead of giving orders can make you considerate towards others and this makes others considerate to you. Giving and taking is the most important part of influencing people. 


There are many ways in which you can have a long and lasting impression on someone and by reading this book you can find all the hidden secrets. You can also find other books from this author on our website!


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