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40 on Justice: The Prophetic Voice on Social Reform by Omar Suleiman

Omar Suleiman’s book “40 on Justice: The Prophetic Voice on Social Reform” compiles forty hadiths (proverbs of the Prophet Muhammad)

After The Prophet The Epic Story Of The Shia-sunni Split In Islam By Lesley Hazleton

In this gripping narrative history, Lesley Hazleton tells the tragic story at the heart of the ongoing rivalry between the

Allah Loves by Omar Suleiman

In Allah Loves… Omar Suleiman explores who and what Allah loves so that we may become one of those who are beloved to Him.

Angels in Your Presence by Omar Suleiman

Omar Suleiman’s book “Angels in Your Presence” gives comments on the place of angels in Islam and how they can

Divine Speech by Nouman Ali Khan

The Qur'an is examined in Nouman Ali Khan's brief but powerful work "Divine Speech" as a miracle revelation from Allah. Khan explains the Qur'an's role as a beautiful and profound source of direction and wisdom in plain words. He talks about the Qur'anic language and literature, emphasising the unity and richness of the text. This book encourages people to consider the Qur'anic teachings and how they might enhance their lives.

For Those Left Behind: Guidance on Death and Grieving by Omar Suleiman

The book For Those Left Behind: Guidance on Death and Grieving by Omar Suleiman provides understanding and helpful guidance for enduring the traumatic experience of loss and grief. Suleiman offers excellent advice on dealing with sadness, comforting others through their grief, and finding peace in faith. He draws on Islamic teachings and his own life experiences. This book is a reassuring companion for individuals dealing with the hardships of dying, offering insight and solace during one of life's most trying moments.

God: A Human History by Reza Aslan

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The bestselling author of Zealot and host of Believer explores humanity’s quest to make sense of the divine in this concise and fascinating history of our understanding of God. In Zealot, Reza Aslan replaced the staid, well-worn portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth with a startling new image of the man in all his contradictions. In his new book, Aslan takes on a subject even more God, writ large.  In layered prose and with thoughtful, accessible scholarship, Aslan narrates the history of religion as a remarkably cohesive attempt to understand the divine by giving it human traits and emotions. According to Aslan, this innate desire to humanize God is hardwired in our brains, making it a central feature of nearly every religious tradition.

Healing the Emptiness: A Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being by Yasmin Mogahed

Yasmin Mogahed's book "Healing the Emptiness: A Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being" presents a sympathetic and perceptive examination of locating completeness and peace inside oneself. Mogahed leads readers on a transformational journey towards emotional healing and spiritual development by drawing on her experience as a spiritual teacher. This book offers direction on overcoming emptiness, nurturing self-love, and reconnecting with one's purpose, ultimately leading to a deeper sense of fulfilment and inner peace. It does this through meaningful meditations and helpful suggestions.

Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong

"Islam: A Short History" by Karen Armstrong unravels misconceptions, presenting Islam's complexity from its origins to contemporary challenges. Dispelling stereotypes, Armstrong's authoritative narrative offers a nuanced perspective on the faith's evolution and diversity.

Lost Islamic History By Firas Alkhateeb (Original)

Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past is a book on Islamic history, written by American researcher and historian Firas Alkhateeb. It was first published in 2014 via Hurst Publishers in the United Kingdom.

Meeting Muhammad by Omar Suleiman

Omar Suleiman's "Meeting Muhammad" is a brief yet comprehensive book that introduces the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Suleiman examines the spiritual, social, and political facets of Muhammad's life, drawing on historical sources and personal observation, underlining the lessons he taught that still hold true in today's society. Both Muslim and non-Muslim readers will find the book easy to read, and it is a great tool for anyone trying to learn more about Islam.

Muhammad, the World-Changer: An Intimate Portrait by Mohamad Jebara

"An accessible biography of Muhammad, Islam’s founding prophet, tracing his development from orphan to political leader and providing insights into his personal life and tastes." —New York Times Book Review "A fresh telling of a familiar story...The result is a biography that reads like a novel."—Washington Post “A joyous read, presenting the Prophet Muhammad both as human and humane. Insightful, thoughtful and thought provoking!” —Azar Nafisi, New York Times bestselling author of Reading Lolita in Tehran “A beautifully written, immaculately researched meditation on the impact of the Prophet Muhammad on the modern world. I loved this book!” —Reza Aslan, author of No God but God and Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth

Peer-E-Kamil (PBUH) by Umera Ahmad (English Translation)

Peer-e-Kamil (English: The Perfect Mentor) is a story focusing on a deviational sect which violates the finality of our Prophet (P.B.U.H)

Peer-e-Kamil / پیر کامل By Umera Ahmed

Peer e Kamil novel authored by Umera Ahmad. This is one of the most famous novels of Umera Ahmed which contains an interesting social romantic and moral reforming story in the Urdu language.

Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman

50 prayers (duas) throughout Islamic history are included in the book "Prayers of the Pious" by Omar Suleiman, each with its own special background and importance. Suleiman offers comments and analysis on each prayer, highlighting its applicability to current problems and challenges by drawing on his extensive knowledge of Islamic theology and history. Suleiman highlights the significance of prayer in Islam throughout his investigation and exhorts readers to incorporate these potent supplications into their own spiritual practises. Both Muslims and non-Muslim readers who want to learn more about Islamic prayer and spirituality should read the book.

Purification of the Heart: Signs, Symptoms and Cures Af the Spiritual Diseases of the Heart by Hamza Yusuf

Translation and Commentary of Imam al-Mawlud’s Matharat al-Qulub by Hamza Yusuf This exploration of Islamic spirituality delves into the psychological

Reclaim Your Heart By Yasmin Mogahed

Reclaim Your Heart is not just a self-help book. It is a manual about the journey of the heart in and out of the ocean of this life. It is a book about how to keep your heart from sinking to the depths of that ocean, and what to do when it does.

Repentance: Breaking the Habit of Sin by Omar Suleiman

Omar Suleiman's insightful work "Repentance: Breaking the Habit of Sin" examines the Islamic viewpoint on the subject of repentance. The book urges readers to take stock of their deeds and ask Allah (SWT) for forgiveness in order to break detrimental habits and deepen their relationship with the Almighty. To lead readers towards a more purposeful and happy existence, Suleiman draws from Islamic history and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). For Muslims who want to better comprehend repentance and strengthen their relationship with Allah (SWT), this book is a fantastic resource.

Revive Your Heart By Nouman Ali Khan

Revive Your Heart is a call for spiritual renewal and an invitation to have a conversation with one of the world's most recognizable voices on Islam, Nouman Ali Khan.

Rumi: Bridge To The Soul By Coleman Barks

2007 is the “Year of Rumi,” and who better than Coleman Barks, Rumi’s unlikely, supremely passionate ambassador, to mark the

Secrets of Divine Love Journal: Insightful Reflections that Inspire Hope and Revive Faith

The Secrets of Divine Love Journal connects you more deeply with Allah through exercises and questions designed to help you: Experience the love of Allah: Discover divine love through inspiring stories, powerful verses from the Qur'an, and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey Into the Heart of Islam By A. Helwa

Secrets of Divine Love draws upon spiritual secrets of the Qur’an, ancient mystical poetry, and stories from the world’s greatest