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Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It by Kamal Ravikant

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In December of 2011, I gave a talk to an audience of scientists, Pentagon officials, politicians, and CEO's on the secret of life and how I'd figured it out the previous summer. Afterwards, people came up individually and told me how much what I'd shared meant to them. This book is based on the truth I spoke about.

Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Manage Your Feelings by Thibaut Meurisse

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The self-help book "Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity and Better Control Your Feelings" by Thibaut Meurisse provides useful advice and methods for controlling one's emotions and enhancing mental health. The book discusses a variety of subjects, such as recognising unfavourable thought patterns, managing stress and anxiety, growing in self-awareness, and fostering a good outlook. Meurisse offers activities and tips that readers can use in their daily lives through his lucid and simple writing style. The target audience for the book is anyone who wants to increase their emotional fortitude, get rid of negativity, and live a more contented life.

Medicine of the Prophet by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya

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Medicine of the Prophet is a combination of religious and medical information, providing advice and guidance on the two aims of medicine - the preservation and restoration of health - in careful conformity with the teachings of Islam as enshrined in the Qur'an and the hadith, or sayings of the Prophet.

Sensitive: The Hidden Power of the Highly Sensitive Person in a Loud, Fast, Too-Much World by Jenn Granneman and Andre Sólo

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A paradigm-shifting look at a long-undervalued yet hugely beneficial personality trait, from the creators of the world’s largest community for highly sensitive people.

When You’re Ready, This Is How You Heal by Brianna Wiest

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Healing is not a one-time event. It can begin with a one-time event — typically some form of sudden loss