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21 Lessons For The 21st Century By Yuval Noah Harari

#1?NEW YORK TIMES?BESTSELLER???In?Sapiens,?he explored our past. In?Homo Deus,?he looked to our future.?Now, one of the most innovative thinkers on the planet turns to the present to make sense of today?s most pressing issues.

50 Business Classics: Your shortcut to the most important ideas on innovation management and strategy by Tom Butler-Bowdon

"Discover timeless wisdom in 50 Business Classics, a comprehensive guide illuminating key ideas from iconic texts and modern success stories. From entrepreneurship and leadership to strategy and innovation, this essential resource distills invaluable insights for professionals, executives, and students, offering inspiration and guidance for achieving lasting success."

75 People Who Changed The World By Ira Rifkin

75 PEOPLE WHO CHANGED THE WORLD is a wonderful, provocative collection of short biographies of reformers, scholars, martyrs and mystics

A Brief History Of Everyone Who Ever Lived By Adam Rutherford

?Nothing less than a tour de force?a heady amalgam of science, history, a little bit of anthropology and plenty of nuanced, captivating storytelling.??The New York Times Book Review,?Editor's Choice

A Short History Of The World By Christopher Lascelles

There is an increasing realisation that our knowledge of world history – and how it all fits together – is

An Impeccable Spy: Richard Sorge, Stalin’s Master Agent By Owen Matthews

The thrilling true story of Richard Sorge – the man John le Carré called ‘the spy to end spies’, and

Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche

Explore Nietzsche's revolutionary ideas in "Beyond Good and Evil," translated by R.J. Hollingdale. Rejecting traditional Western concepts, Nietzsche unveils the flaws of Christian morality and advocates for embracing individual "will to power." With commentary from the translator and an introduction by Michael Tanner, this Penguin Classics edition offers profound insights into Nietzsche's philosophy.

Dawood’s Mentor by Hussain Zaidi

Tired of being bullied, a scrawny, impoverished Dawood Ibrahim is looking for a savior, Khalid Khan Bachcha, who would teach

Fallen Leaves: Last Words on Life, Love, War, and God by Will Durant

"Discover the profound wisdom of Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Will Durant in his posthumous masterpiece, 'Fallen Leaves.' In this revelatory book, Durant distills over sixty years of research into 22 concise chapters, addressing timeless questions about life, religion, morality, and more. A thought-provoking collection of insights that offers guidance and understanding for the human journey."

Genghis Khan By John Man

Genghis Khan is one of history’s immortals, alive in memory as a scourge, hero, military genius and demi-god. To Muslims,

Gumshuda Islami Tareekh / گمشدہ اسلامی تاریخ by Firas Alkhateeb

"Gumshuda Islami Tareekh" by Firas Alkhateeb is an intriguing exploration of lost or overlooked moments in Islamic history. With meticulous research, Alkhateeb brings to light hidden narratives, providing readers with fresh insights into the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage.

How the Brain Lost Its Mind: Sex, Hysteria, and the Riddle of Mental Illness by Allan H. Ropper and Brian Burrell

"How the Brain Lost Its Mind" explores the intertwined history of syphilis and hysteria, shedding light on the complex relationship between brain diseases and mental illnesses. From the devastation of syphilis to the enigmatic nature of hysteria, the book delves into the challenges of understanding and treating these conditions while raising thought-provoking questions about the mind-brain connection.